About me...

How did it all begin?

   I love dogs. Dogs were some of my best buds growing up. Dogs have been mine and my husband's kids throughout our married life. That's where my love of painting begins, with the true love I've been blessed to share with my dogs.  

   About 10 years into my graphic design career I decided to take a painting class at a local community college, and the last class project was to paint something we love. Our red Dachshund was napping on the couch while our German Shepherd and Great Dane were outdoors, so that's how it all started with (as my dad called her) "the little Redhead". Her sleepy little body filled my canvas that day and paved the road for many joyous hours of painting ever since. I will post that first painting to my site soon!

  Capturing these creatures' spirits for the people who love them and treasure them, has been one of my life's great joys. It gives my soul true happiness. I'm filled with awe & gratitude to God every time I finish a painting. To thank Him for this awesome gift and to honor the incredible bond we have with our pets, I support nonprofit animal rescues (and sometimes nonprofit people rescues) with my art. 

Some of these nonprofits are:

The Oklahoma Humane Society

The Bella Foundation

Lowrider Dachshund Rescue 

Good Dogma

and the Oklahoma City YWCA.

My artwork is on display at the following Oklahoma locations: 

OK Humane Society Adoption Center

7500 N. Western Ave. | North OKC

Eastmoor Animal Clinic

400 SE 4th St. | Moore

​Village Vet Care

3750 W. Robinson St. | Norman

The Redheaded Dog values local OKC/Tulsa business, Dogs Poop We Scoop. They take care of your pet waste removal needs, disinfect and more with no monthly contract. Visit to check out their services. Gift certificates for pet waste removal make unique and appreciated gifts. They take the duty out of picking up your pet's doody.


My husband, me and our tiny Bumpass hounds. This is True Love!   : )


My Medium

I use acrylic paints, usually on canvas, but sometimes on wood panels and re-purposed wood cabinet doors.